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I'm 26, born and raised in upstate New York - I draw, grew up on Playstation. Love Tekken, Old school Crash Bandicoot, Rammstein, Eisbrecher, Pokemon, a bit of Attack on Titan, demons, werewolves, manly faces and fancy women. Zodiac Sun Pisces, Rising Leo, and Aquarius Moon. Riddled with Earthly Sub Capricorn and Taurus. :) Have a nice day, I'm another awkward person on the internet. Surprise NSFW every once in awhile Bewareeeeeee! Perhaps a bias towards gorgeous, unattainable (sometimes monster) men.
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This is my classical animation film. It’s about a guy who has to get out of the shower multiple times to answer the phone. Basically, I said “if I’m going to have to draw the same thing every day for the next 4 months, I might as well make it something I want to draw.” Hence all the muscles and stuff. Hope you like it (please share it if you do).


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